Shot-blasting and painting

Shot-blasting and painting are part of our standard service. We can provide all the usual types of paint, from standard epoxy primer to two-component paints (zinc silicate), including Hempel, Sigma, International and Jotun. Shot-blasting is carried out in accordance with the familiar SA 2½ standard and, when required, the IMO’s performance standard for protective coatings (IMO-PSPC).

Modern machinery ensures the correct preparation (removal of rust, mill scale, grease and dirt) and expert application of paint (usually 15-25 mμ).

With our Canadian stock located within the shotblasting facility, we are always able to act fast on your requirements.


Customer service is one of the key drivers within our company and by that we are able to provide you with a tailor-made solution in order to create maximum flow in your project.

This includes warehousing, documentation, additional services like shotblasting and painting, project management, inspection as well as testing.

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